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Turbo Yeast & Distillers Yeast

Turbo Yeast and Distillers Whiskey Yeast 

Turbo yeast and whiskey yeast we sell has been designed to perform very well in different conditions so you can pick the right distilling yeast for your needs.


Thank you to all my new and existing Loyal Customers for your business!


Turbo yeasts ferment sugar into High alcohol wash. Each of the Turbo yeasts in the Mile Hi Distilling is unique and has been designed to perform very well under different conditions so that you can select exactly the right turbo yeast for your specific needs.


Turbo is comprised of a mix of very alcohol tolerant yeast and complex nutrients that quickly ferments a pure sugar or grain solution into alcohol. With the turbo yeast one will get 50 – 100% more alcohol from the same distillation compared to baker’s yeast. Turbo yeast produces lot less volatiles than baker’s yeast