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Stainless Distillers & Moonshine Still


Complete Moonshine Equipment and Alcohol still Kits


Summer Sale




Thank you to all my new and existing Loyal Customers for your business!




Mile Hi Distilling is the oldest manufacturer of home distillers in the United States since 2003. We have been building high quality moonshine stills; each handmade in Colorado. I guarantee you will not find a better-built moonshine distiller anywhere.


You will see a lot of 2" and 3" towers that look like ours on the internet even using the same names Dual Purpose and Traditional. Beware that these towers are knock offs or our towers that are made in China and are not the original Mile Hi Distilling Dual Purpose and Traditional Towers built in our shop located in Denver Colorado.





 WARNING: Distilling alcohol at home, also known as moonshine making is illegal in many countries. But you can use these distillers for many other uses. Like water, vinegars, essential oils, and even engine fuel. It is the responsibility of the user to abide by the laws of your country. Mile Hi Distilling strongly discourages any unlawful use, and is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by misuse or unlawful use.

TTB Laws

Under Federal rules administered by TTB, it depends on how you use the still. You may not produce alcohol with these stills unless you qualify as a distilled spirits plant.  However, owning a small still and using it for other purposes is allowed ( essential oil, water, vinegar, etc ) . You should also check with your State and local authorities - their rules may differ. Under regulations in part 29 of title 27, Code of Federal Regulations, TTB has the right to require manufacturers of complete stills and towers to give the name and address of each customer.

 Remember it’s not illegal to own a distiller in most states and depends on how you use it that makes it legal or not.



 Our boilers are made of 16 gauge stianless steel and are welded not seamed with reinforced banding.   Other companies have seamed cans and are less sturdy 18 gauge steel might be similar in appearance to ours but none of them will provide the strength and durability of a  Mile Hi.  Our heavier gauge stainless steel provides superior heat transfer – something you’ll appreciate once you start your first run.

  • We rigorously test every product we sell – that includes hotplates, yeasts, and essences.  If you see a product on our website you can rest assured that it has met or exceeded our own high standards.  And we are always on the lookout for any new product, either large or small, that will make the distilling process easier and more enjoyable for our customers.  After all distilling should be a pleasure not a pain.  

We have been building High quality moonshine stills for home distilling for over 13 years . Our distillers will produce 95% the first run.

All reflux moonshine distillers are made with solar power. Mile Hi Distilling is the actual originator of the two-piece tower. Truly a Mile Hi Distilling innovation. Also we are the first and only company to sell milk can moonshine distillers.

The new Milk Can stills come with:

  • Copper packing or raschig rings
  • Digital thermometer with both Fahrenheit(°F) and Celsius(°C)
  • Chemical tolerant hoses
  • Stainless steel hose clamps
  • Male and female hose fittings
  • Quick-release connector
  • Stainless steel screen
  • O-ring gaskets
  • Pure gum rubber bung

 All milk cans now come with domed lids. Having a domed lid will help channel the vapors up to the tower, making the still run more efficiently.